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Welcome!  I am Janet Gaynor of AZillion SPARKLZ Vintage Costume Jewelry and Fine Estate Jewelry.  I buy desirable costume jewelry and also fine jewelry with gold, diamonds, platinum, etc., much  of it through the mails from individuals who extend their trust and confidence.

IT'S EASY:   I like to have some idea whether the jewelry will interest me.  An easy way to do this is to scan representative pieces  right on your scanner if you have one and send a few jpgs attached to email; or make some regular PHOTOCOPIES, preferable in color, but black and white is acceptable,  of the jewelry and send it to my mailing address, Janet Gaynor, P. O. Box 35038, Tucson, AZ 85740-5038.   If you use a black and white copy machine please note the color and any note you think pertinent, such as damage and maker's name. 

SENDING IT: Some people prefer to individually  bag & number  each item, making a list for themselves & enclosing a list in the box.  Some people have a price for the box  "lot" in mind  and just pack it up to send, while others simply wait for Sparklz offer.   I go through the box, and then talk to you by phone or e-mail.  Since condition is such an important factor, this is the time to explain how I see the jewelry.  If the offer is accepted, then  I  send a check.  If any or all of the lot is to be returned, then I do it within days.

TIPS ON PRICING:  Pricing depends upon geographical demands, condition, desirability, trends & more.  Generally, if you are looking at the very same piece of jewelry on my website, in the same condition, you could expect about 1/3 or 1/4 of the selling price.   Less desirable jewelry, or jewelry that tends to sell slowly, or sometimes not at all, will be less. Currently of little interest, with equivalent pricing is:
earrings of mundane design
plain (not embellished with enamel or rhinestones) gold tone or silver tone  metal bracelets
plain metal brooches & necklaces of the 50s aand 60s
plain metal chains of the same era
Tiny brooches are also not doing well, unless they have a particular interest or motif, such as figurals, animals, or enamel.

While condition is the all important factor, I do want to assure you that I AM  also interested in "better" jewelry that is not in the best condition.  Sometimes the most collectible pieces were the ones that were worn a lot and may have lost a stone or two or might be a little worn on the plating.  Some of the better pieces may also be unappealing, even ugly to some people.  The better pieces can often be worth the repair, while lower end pieces might not.  This is something that can only be decided by the buyer.  Please do not clean the jewelry , some cleaning methods create the conditions for deterioration.

How to proceed at this point is pretty much up to you...and what will make you comfortable.  I have been dealing in fine estate jewelry for many years, and have been buying and selling in the costume jewelry market for over twenty years, and longer in the fine estate jewelry market.   I am financially able to purchase lots and estates; and can provide references.

Make it easy for yourself and do it however you wish ... I'm always here, always buying and having fun doing it.

Addendum November 2012 ~ Experience in the last year or two prompts some additional information:
If you are buying costume jewelry with the idea of reselling, then I am probably not your buyer because we are in the same business and your expectations will exceed what I can pay.
If you have been selling on eBay and now want to dispose of the unsaleable jewelry, the  less interesting jewelry, or the jewelry that isn't worth the trouble to put on eBay,  then I  not your buyer.
If you acquired a quantity of jewelry through other means, I am probably interested if it meets the criteria shown above.   If, however, you have been selling the more exceptional pieces to your friends & neighbors, or other dealers, then what you have is the leftovers and it seems unlikely that I will be interested.   I do like to buy whole lots but that comes with the expectation of acquiring some good pieces along with the more mundane.
This information is given in an effort to save your time and expense.   If you are not sure where you fit into the scheme of things, please do write me.

(Please do not clean jewelry or replace stones .)

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