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Welcome!   I am Janet Gaynor of AZillion SPARKLZ Vintage Jewelry and Fine Estate Jewelry. 

I understand that you may have some jewelry and that you would like to have more information about the jewelry itself and/or its value.  Finding the information you want may be simple or involve a good deal of research.  I can no longer answer individual questions regarding jewelry history, identification or value, but the following tips and information may help you determine a value for yourself or locate an appraisal service.   I  do buy  and sell jewelry, but I can't offer written or verbal appraisals or opinions.   Instead the following information and tips can help you find the information you seek or make a decision regarding sale.


Costume jewelry has little inherent value as it is not made of precious metals or gemstones, so its value is not measured by standards similar to fine gold and diamond jewelry.  The value of old costume jewelry is a perceived value relating to its collectibility or wearability,   and therefore the value depends greatly on its desirability and on its condition.  Other factors affecting value will be in what (1) venue it is sold, such as antique store, mall, cyber auction, etc. (2) geographic area (3) current trends and fads (4) supply and demand.

It is possible to comparison shop your jewelry by looking in antique malls, on the internet and perhaps in books that have price guides.  Please be forewarned, the books, which you can buy at your bookstore or order at your library, are notoriously inaccurate for several reasons.  The first is that often the value placed was selected by the owner of the jewelry as opposed to a factual sale; the second is that the collectibility changes very rapidly these days with the fluctuations of supply and demand on the internet, and in addition, the books themselves may be dated.  In the end, however, your jewelry is worth what someone will pay for it, if you are selling it, regardless of the "book value" or the "antiques roadshow value".    If you are keeping it, then it is worth whatever value you  wish to place upon it.  If you are selling your jewelry, there are additional suggestions  further down the page.

Comparison shopping can be a very interesting experience.  The same piece may be seen priced at wildly different prices.   Two pieces of similar design and quality, but with different makers, may be priced very differently.  "Famous" maker names alone do not impart value as many other factors govern the desirability.



                         These things will affect Value in a re-sale market.


                KINDS of VALUES


Places to check for jewelry values are numerous, and so may be the values you get for your specific piece (remember all the kinds of values listed above?).  Do a search on ebay in the closed auctions for your item.  Search your item in Google search engine, this will take you to some web sites that have similar pieces of jewelry.  Your local library and bookstore will have many books with price guides on Costume Jewelry.  Check your local antique stores for similar items.  If your piece of jewelry is difficult to search because it is very non-specific, browsing through antique stores, resale stores, and on line web sites is probably the best way to go about it.



There are some On Line Appraisal services available and these are usually  fee based.   You may wish to seach the internet for these services.   My opinion of online appraisals?  I have no personal experience with one.   It would seem that some collectible items, such as paperweights and toys,  may be relatively easy to appraise with a picture, while other categories would be more difficult, such as fine jewelry or costume jewelry which might  need to be seen and examined closely and then researched.  Given that there are inherent problems in an appraisal given from a picture only, you may still find it an option when the fees are reasonable and the experts are professional and well versed in their subject.



After doing the research to price your jewelry you can sell it yourself.  If you wish to sell at  secondary market prices you must establish a website, or rent a mall space, or find some other way of  disposing of it.  Some people will enjoy the challenge and learning experience.  Plan to spend a fair amount  time,  a good deal of effort, add some costs or fees,  and keep in mind that there will be a percentage that will never sell.

Or, you can sell it to a dealer who will do all the research & work.  It may be advantageous for you to offer it as a "lot", otherwise it is likely that the very best will be sold and you will still be faced with the prospect of disposing of the remaining less desirable jewelry.  Keep in mind that in addition to the amount the dealer pays you, she has overhead, and, yes, must have room for profit.  Also some pieces will be sold slowly or perhaps never.  This means, if the jewelry is desirable ,  that the dealer  must buy at somewhere around 1/4 to 1/3 of what she expects to sell it for .  If it is a less than desirable lot, she must adjust downwards, as much of it will be passed along to other dealers or crafters with little or no profit.

Keep in mind that the condition is very important, as is desirability.  You may wish to review Condition Ratings to see how your jewelry might be classed.


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