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Fine quality, chunky, natural (not dyed) coral branches are firmly clasp in gold tone, toggle cuff links, marked Swank. About 1 inch long, still in their original box, the interior is marked Marshall Field & Company The Store for Men and contains a tab marked "imported Genuine Red Coral". The box itself is casket shape and has a raised golden dragon on the lid. Vintage cuff links in like new condition.
Price:$238.00 ~~ FREE shipping in USA ~~     Condition: Excellent       Order Item#K140601    BN   inK

 Many of  my more interesting Rings can be worn by either men or women, you will find them in the Rings section.

Jewelry  indicating an "appraisal range" or "retail range" are the opinions of the owner of this website.  If you obtain a written Replacement Appraisal from a reputable appraiser, it should be within the "Retail Range".

Retail and/or Replacement appraisals vary as much as -25% to +25% from one appraiser to another. . Factors affecting this include geographical location, high/low rent districts, & price range. I have chosen a medium price range for ease of comparison. The selling prices are, in almost every case, well below the appraisal range. If the selling price approaches the appraisal price, there may be unusual factors guiding the pricing. Please inquire if you wish further information on the pricing structure or a guarantee of an appraisal amount. If you obtain a written Replacement Appraisal from a reputable appraiser it should be within the "Retail Range".

*Jewelry marked "Master Gemologist" indicate that appraisal was done by a person who been trained to the highest standards, as determined by the American Society of Appraisers.  A Master Gemologist's training is superior to a Gemologist, Graduate Gemologist, or Certified Gemologist, and she is prepared to back up her appraisal with facts based on her research, and tests done with gemological equipment.  A written copy of the appraisals already  done by  the Master Gemologist are available for a small additional fee.



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