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More true than not, this slightly-tongue-in-cheek definition of sizes of pins & brooches was provided by a fellow Jewelcollect member, Betty K. Spalding.

My dears, my dears! Take it from one whose taste is all in her mouth! Here is the real skinny on size:

TINY: In order to examine it, you have to get out the loupe. Lingerie pins, baby rings, real diamond earrings. I don't wear these much, as you probably know!

SMALL: About an inch in every direction. We used to wear them on our Peter Pan collars in the (ahem!) fifties. I had two--a circle pin of small, multi-colored scarabs and a plain gold circle pin. Wonder where they are now?

SCATTER: Multiples of small pins, with a common theme. You wear them in a cluster on something wooly--the cluster is about three inches in diameter. Two to four pins.

LARGE: One-and-a-half to two-and-a-half inches. These begin to have some 'presence' if they have rhinestones, pearls, or height above the pin (i.e., domed.) I wear these in multiples (see "scatter pins," above.)

BIG: Three to three-and-a-half inches. Pins that make a statement--a jeweled crown, a leaping stag, a rhinestone-edged leaf, or all-over rhinestones. I wear these simple pieces with blue jeans and a turtleneck . . . .

HUGE: Three-and-a-half to five inches, especially with rhinestones. THESE ARE THE HEADLIGHT PINS, HONEY! Big enough that people blink the first time they see you wearing one and then, ever after, they WATCH to see what you will wear next time.

OHMYGOSH! These are my all-time favorites. Guaranteed to be in poor taste! Anything bigger than five-and-a-half inches in any direction, unless the size comes mostly from the stem--in which case, they fall back into the HUGE category. I wear these to classes that I consider too boring for words--but I have to teach it, and they have to learn it! These pins do tend to wake students up even on cold winter mornings. Of course, you tiny size-five ladies can't hope to wear the really big stuff. Poor babies. Only we Lady Liberty types can get away with 'em!

Betty Spaulding Chattanooga, Tennessee "Style is the imprint of personality on function."





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