Vintage Costume Jewelry

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Page 1 contains a catalog of the most commonly sought rhinestones, an Index, Shapes of Rhinestones Chart,  Millimeter to PP (Pearl Plate) Size Comparison Chart, Color Chart and more . He has three million rhinestones and has many colors, sizes and shapes that haven't been manufacturer for years.  He may be able to perform a feat of "matching" for you, but needs to SEE to do it.  Here is how to send him things "Send for Repair". If you want  to start with one of the "Sparkles Groups" above, go to Matthew's Order Form. Or browse his online Catalog.

If you need help with Cleaning and Repair, including the "how-to" part of setting/unsetting rhinestones,  what glue to use and more stuff, go to AZillion SPARKLES Cleaning and Repair.

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