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PAYMENT - Costume Jewelry :   Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal,   personal check or  money order  to Janet Gaynor, P. O. Box 35038, Tucson, AZ 85740-5297.  Items paid by money order will be shipped immediately upon receipt of payment. Items paid by check may be held until the check clears.  Items charged to a credit card will be shipped within 3 days, after the credit card and address are verified.   Arizona  residents add 7.1%  Arizona State  tax

PAYMENT - Fine Estate Jewelry (Gold, Diamonds & other precious metals & stones).  Generally, payment is requested in the form of personal check,  USPO money order,  Western Union, or *Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer (MoneyGram Service) in the exact amount of the purchase plus shipping fees.  At the seller's discretion a credit card may be accepted. ( You may be asked to  fax or email a front and back copy of your credit card, a copy of a valid ID, and a copy of the order confirmation with your signature.  To obtain a readable copy of your credit card, please photocopy it before faxing.   To Fax: Telephone - sorry no faxes at this time).
Returns:  For my protection, refunds will  be given on diamond jewelry once it has been ascertained, by my jeweler  who will open the package, that the stone(s) returned is the one shipped.   email:    

PAYMENT from Outside the United States :  Options:  (1) EASY *Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer; or International Money Order denoted in US funds; or Western Union; or your bank's  check denoted in US funds and payable from a US central bank  in the exact amount of the purchase plus shipping fees.  (2)PayPal is an acceptable alternative if you are a VERIFIED BUYER.  (3) At the seller's discretion a credit card MAY be accepted.  Please inquire first.  Sometimes,  to process the credit card  you may be required to  fax or email a front and back copy of your credit card, a copy of a valid ID, and a copy of the order confirmation with your signature.  To obtain a readable copy of your credit card, please photocopy it before faxing.   To Fax: Telephone - (Sorry no faxes at this time).      email:      All duties and taxes  incurred in the country of final destination are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  Value will be declared at the sale price, and contents declared accurately, except as below in "International Shipping"  to deter pilfering.

*Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers:  Facilitated through an alliance between Walmart and the well-known MoneyGram company, this is an easy and fast process: 

Step 1: Go to the Wal-Mart MoneyCenter or the customer service desk of any Wal-Mart store and ask for a Money Transfer form.
Step 2: Pay the amount of transfer plus the low-cost transfer fee. You may also include a free 10-word message on the form.
Step 3: You'll get a reference number. Give it to the person you're sending money to. In just 10 minutes the money will be ready to pick up.*

LAYAWAY : (effective 11-10-08):  Request a Layaway in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart, or order by e-mail. 
STANDARD LAYAWAY ~ Orders over $125, including shipping.  1/3 Downpayment is due within ten days of order confirmation.  The second 1/3 is due thirty days after the down payment, and the third 1/3 is due in sixty days after down payment.
Short Layaway (by special request): Orders under $125. 1/2 down payment, final 1/2 in thirty days.
Extended Layaway - Orders over $250 (by special request): More flexible schedules on request.

 Please MARK  YOUR CALENDAR in advance of the due dates and make the payments on schedule as no reminders are sent .  OR do it the easy way by (1) authorizing NOW the processing of your credit card on the due dates, or (2) send post dated checks to be processed on due dates. CANCELLATION of Layaway: These are vintage items and Layaway cancellation causes unrecoverable loss of income from forfeiture of potential sales to other good clients, therefore cancellation of the order after down payment is subject to a restocking fee of 1% of the total order per day up to a maximum of 50% of the total order. Credit for the remaining paid balance (less costs incurred, such as credit card  fees or PayPal fees, telephone,  and postage fees beyond those originally charged) will be refunded. Requests to delete merchandise (even if replaced with another item)  from a layaway is considered cancellation of that item and "Cancellation of Layaway" terms apply.  Items altered at the buyer's request are not cancellable.  DEFAULT of Layaway: Layaways are in default when the down payment is not received within the ten day hold period, or when the payments are not received within five days of the due dates. Re-stocking fees, same schedule as "Cancellation of the Order",  applies.

SPECIAL OCCASION, DATE SENSITIVE RESTOCKING FEES : Sparklz makes every effort to accommodate rush orders but is not responsible for the lateness of the order or the mail delivery service. When an item is rush ordered for a special occasion and is returned there will be a restocking fee. Restocking is 20% of the item cost with a minimum of $25.

SHIPPING :   Packages are shipped United States Postal Service.  Postal Insurance is purchased from a private company and the fees for insurance are not shown on the postage label.  

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING :  Packages are shipped all over the world, to countries where the United States Government permits shipping goods.  Please familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and laws of your country ... there may be import duty and taxes in your country and these are your responsibility.  Fine jewelry,  made of karat gold and precious gemstones, is prohibited in some countries.  Costume jewelry is usually acceptable and will be declared as "used fashion accessory" or "used dress accessory" to deter pilfering.  Value will be declared at the sale price, and contents declared accurately, except as above to deter pilfering.

RETURNS:    Contact to be made by E-mail to within three days  of receipt of the item. Returns will be accepted if the item has been misdescribed. Requests for other returns will be handled on an individual basis and returns can almost always be accomodated  A second email should be sent the following day if no reply has been received from Sparkles. The returned item must be received within 7 days, in the same condition as originally shipped, with any markings (visible or invisible) or tags intact,  and packed in the same manner as sent.  Please check the package for rattles before shipping. Refunds are sent promptly upon receipt of the returned merchandise. Please do not return merchandise without confirmation.  Telephone 1-520-907-2839 . Jewelry  lost or damaged during transit will be submitted to the Insurer  for claim settlement;  jewelry damaged after receipt is not returnable.   RETURNS of CUSTOM WORK and SPECIAL ORDERS:  Custom Work may not be returnable, it depends upon what was done to the piece and whether it has continued salability.   SPECIAL ORDERS are generally not returnable, as funds were expended to purchase the item for a specific buyer and another buyer for the same item may never be found.   If the seller and the buyer are agreeable, a special order can be returned for the price paid minus the wholesale cost, minus the shipping and insurance fees, and credit will be applied in the amount of the gold scrap price.   



New, in the box (from which it has never been removed), as it came from the factory. This criteria is so difficult to meet, that it is almost NEVER used.


Appears to be never worn or used, nor stored improperly. It may display its age by tarnishing, especially in silver (once polished, however, it is no longer Near Mint).


Top condition with no chipping, fading, missing stones, no yellowing stones, no peeling, no worn prongs or edges. Backs (especially of earrings) may be very slightly worn as long as the front is still in Top Condition. Replaced stones should be so perfect in size cut and color that it is virtually unnoticeable.


Well cared for with no missing stones, no dead stones or graying stones, no peeling pearls, enamel may have minor chips, may show slight  wear or scratching on prongs, edges. Backs may be very moderately worn. Replaced stones should be a good match in size, cut and color.


Very wearable and acceptable, however, upon close inspection may reveal some poor foiling including spotting( the small "pepper" kind), minor clouding and minor darkening or graying stones, chipping, minor yellowing and  wear.


Damage is immediately visible and may or may not be repairable, and might include missing stones,dark stones including spotting that is more than "pepper", broken parts, & severe wear.

In addition these subcategories may exist, along with appropriate explanations: ALTERED, REFURBISHED, RECONSTRUCTION, SOLDERED.

Condition versus Quality: Each piece of jewelry is evaluated according to condition.  See above.  The condition rating does not address the original quality. Costume jewelry was and is made in all grades of quality. A goodly amount of costume jewelry that was inexpensively made has become collectible. Quality is difficult to rate and isn't always apparent in the pictures . If your purchase does not meet your expectations, please let me know.


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Payment Terms, Return Policy, Layaway, Jewelry Condition Ratings Explanation .

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