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For the most accurate matching and replacement of the stone, the very best solution is to send the stone or piece of jewelry for exact matching.  Yes, OF COURSE you  can learn to do it yourself.  Both options are described below.


I stock about three million  stones, in an unending array of colors, sizes,  shapes, and facet patterns .  Many  color are not on the Color Chart as they haven't been manufactured for years.  Communicating back and forth about a specific stone when there are so many variations does not work and neither do jpgs or pictures being sent. 

For accurate & precise matching, please send either a stone sample or the jewelry.  Some of my customers wait until they have a small collection of jewels before they forward for repair, but I am happy to do one or many.  Do what works best for you.  Here is how to do it:

1. Itemize each item and assign a number to each stone or piece of jewelry.   I have prepared a JEWELRY REPAIR INVENTORY FORM . Print it out and prepare in duplicate so we will both have a copy.

2.  Please indicate how many stones you are ordering for each item.

3. For jewelry, please indicate your desired dollar insurance amount for it's return.

4. Include payment information.  If you are paying by credit card, you can enclose the information.  If paying by check, calculate your costs based on a minimum of $1.00 per stone and a minimum of $0.50 per stone to set.  Not all stones are $1.00, nor are all setting jobs $0.50 per stone.  Then add the S&H amount that I charge based on the amount that you want your package insured for on it's return (minimum insured value $100).  If the repair costs are higher, the additional amount will be needed before work is completed.

Shipping Fees:  We normally ship Priority mail. Please use the following shipping & handling rates for your orders. Orders= $100.00 and less $6.25,   100.01-200.00= $7.25,   200.01-300.00= $8.25,   300.01-400.00= $9.25,   400.01-$500.00= $9.50,   Registered Mail $14.95 + up, Express mailwith Insurance $19.95-$19.95 + $1.00 per each$100of insurance.   Foreign shipping outside the USA, items are shipped Global Priority for $6.95 . Global Priority can not be insured and is sent at your risk.

5.  Include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.

6. Keep a copy for yourself.  Enclose a copy for me. 

7. Pack well in a box, insure it,  and send it to:  Matthew Ribarich, P. O. Box 6483, Chesapeake VA 23323.

Note #1:  Despite having an extraordinary number of stones in stock, there are still times that a match can only be made from another supplier. Then, in order to obtain the stone(s) it becomes necessary for me to order a minimum quantity.  I will contact you about this when it occurs so you can evaluate whether you will find it economical to proceed. These are "Special Order" and, sorry, cannot be returned.

Note #2:  We are always hopeful of a perfect match for every missing stone.  Some unusual stones, unfortunately, are impossible.



You can stock and replace MOST stones yourself.  To do this, you will need to start by stocking the most common sizes and colors.  You don't need to do this all at once.  You can start with the most useful, and add stones as you need them, constantly increasing your supplies

It is important to record the "industry specific" colors, sizes and styles of your stock.  This will help you when you need the same color, but a different size or shape stone.  You will be referring to PP sizes instead of millimeter sizes, and you will know the names of the shapes and facet cut styles.

Learn to measure stones VERY accurately.  If your jewelry has a stone that you will replace, take it out and measure it with a brass millimeter gauge. Yes, I sell them.  If the stone is missing, look through your stock for any stone that will fit, then measure it and order in the size, color & facet cut you need.

My customer, Azillion SPARKLES, has prepared a RHINESTONE BUYING GUIDE with a  list of rhinestones arranged  in the order she most often uses them & offers additional advice, a  time saving help guide if you are a beginner. And, if you need help with the how-to part of  setting/unsetting stones (and more), refer to Sparkles CLEANING & REPAIR GUIDE.

My COLOR CHART. Remember that I have many out of date colors not on the chart, but I need to SEE to make matches. 

My SIZE CONVERSION CHART . Convert millimeter sizes to industry standard "PP" sizes.

My REPAIR INVENTORY FORM. Print in duplicate, keep one and send one with your jewelry. 

My Catalog Index.

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PLEASE, PLEASE!  Take time with your rhinestone orders to be sure that they are correct and COMPLETE.  I need to know SIZE, CUT, COLOR, QUANTITY, and if unusual,  the facet cut.  I am very  appreciative of clean, clear orders, and neither of us needs the frustation of endless e-mails.  Please remember that your orders should reflect the "industry-specific" sizes, names, and colors as found in the catalog.  "Red" doesn't mean much to a supplier who has 5 shades of red. Thank you for your efforts ~ they enable me to process your order more quickly.


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